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Bet on me.

PHOX Sylvan Esso = the best type of remix. 

This new album by Perfume Genius is…well…genius.

(Source: Spotify)

"Played so many times before but I still like this song of another go round with you." - Beat Connection

“I can get a little drunk, I get into all the don’ts but on good days I am charming as fuck.”  

Tove Lo's candor is intoxicating.

Well, don’t actually hate yourself…but do listen to “Hate Yourself” by the woozy retro-pop guys of TV Girl

I usually take it one track at a time when it comes to posting music, but this account is just begging to be shared as a whole.

Jaymes Young, crooning fiercely and taking my breath away as always.

Blvck Ceiling knows how to make something sound light and heavy at the same time, and I love him for it. 

This song by |SOS| is the perfect combination of sexy and sad and I cannot stop and I will not stop listening to it. 

Music by Peals is the only music I want in my eardrums today, and that’s that.


(Source: Spotify)

It’s almost fall, but this new song by Generationals is 100% summer and oh so charming.

Josef Salvat, everyone.

Music from Ryn Weaver is simultaneously adorable and heartbreaking. 

Baby don’t hurt me.

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