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music appreciation on the daily from @schuylerspeak.

Blvck Ceiling knows how to make something sound light and heavy at the same time, and I love him for it. 

This song by |SOS| is the perfect combination of sexy and sad and I cannot stop and I will not stop listening to it. 

Music by Peals is the only music I want in my eardrums today, and that’s that.


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It’s almost fall, but this new song by Generationals is 100% summer and oh so charming.

Josef Salvat's music should be in the dictionary under “eargasm.”

Music from Ryn Weaver is simultaneously adorable and heartbreaking. 

Baby don’t hurt me.

Jaymes Young's remake of Sufjan Stevens' “Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois” is one of the sexiest things on this planet.

This remix of Lorde's “Team” by one of my favorite ladies White Sea has been my life blood this week. 

Bleachers' debut album is superb through and through. It will have me riding a happy-sad high to next Tuesday and beyond. 

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Well, summer just started, but I have just now unearthed the epic mixtape Wildcat! Wildcat! made last winter. Have at it, and then go listen to their newest single here

I have been starving for something new from ∆ alt-J. Today, they released a brooding, metallic new single. If “Hunger of the Pine” is any indicator of the tone of their sophomore album, I imagine I’ll be sold. 

(Source: Spotify)

Broods leaves me breathless every time. 

Dessa's “Call Off Your Ghost” remixed by Ryan Olsen x Lazerbeak will have my ears’ undivided attention for the foreseeable future.

Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite music video, which is a Funny of Die creation featuring Kevin DrewFeist, and Zack Galifianakis.

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